Watermelon Dream By Guy Clark With On Screen Lyrics Mp3

Guy Clark - She Ain't Going Nowhere Lyric

Standin' on the gone side of leavin'.
She found a thumb and stuck it in the breeze.
She'll take anything that's goin' close to somewhere.
She can lay it down and live it like she'd please

She ain't goin' nowhere, she's just leavin'.
She ain't goin' nowhere she can't breathe in.
And she ain't goin' home, and that's for sure.

She's not sitting and cryin' on her suitcase.
She has no second thoughts by the road.
But she's feelins than need some reparin'.
And she did not give a damn that it showed.


And the wind had it's way with her hair.
And the blues had a way with her smile.
And she had a way of her own.
Like prisoners have a way with a file.

Chorus twice

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5:01 Mins
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